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Wedding in Portovenere at S.Peter Church, how and what to do.

Married in Portovenere is the culmination of the dream of Manu italian couples and couples of the world. The reason are dictated by the beauty and enchantment of these magical places, e here porta and navigatore found refuge and inspiration for writing poems. The name of Portovenere according to tradition, is derived from Venus, goddes of beauty, born from the foam of the sea, under the cape to her dedicated, site exactly at the place where now stand San Pietro church. The charm and magic of Portovenere a te represented by San Pietro Church, perched in the rock of the cape overlooking the sea. The scenario is this beautiful building that is everywhere thanks to the technical daring of its structure and sculptural elegance. This Church is one of the examples of gothic buildings in Liguria. How to get married in Portovenere at San Pietro Church and celebrate lunch or dinner wedding.

Useful tips for couples who want to get married here:

1) The first advice i give is to seek professional wedding planner who know the place, suppliers and time of access because this place is not really accessible to ordinary means and you may be late or have unexpected.

2) Marriage religious: first the bride and the groom must present the documents from their parish then go and visit the site

Women who partecipate at the wedding must remember to bring confortable shoes even to fold up into handbag, the sandstones and pebbles are the way of entry into the church so change shoes is the solution to avoid a rupture of the heel due to a foot put wrong. For those with kids or babies always remember to buy a bottle of water to the shops or bars. The way is about 5/10 minutes walk so kids could throw tantrums.

3) Choice of location.

Where you can celebrate the wedding lunch or dinner? There are all kind of location, seaside restaurant or inside the country lanes. Restaurant on the beach or you can choose to do a fairytale wedding in the fortress in Palmaria Island. ( info at:

4) Logistics: To go to the church of San Pietro there are two solution: the first is to walk through in the collage where there is direct access to the church.

The second through the Pier called Calata Doria where at the end of this walk you can find stairs leading to the church.

Car access is allowed only to the bride that will have a permit from the police. The car will stop near the stairway down the Calata Doria. For those arriving by car (in the months of july and august and public holidays from Easter to september) along the ring road is running a bus service from 10 am to 8 pm. Normally we organize weddings with logistical help, shuttles or buses according to the numbers of guest and we have the possibility to reserve car parking.


You can get in Calata Doria dropped by boat and then walk or go

by horse-draw carriage.

5) Choice of all partners with the possibility of evaluation and free estimates. Make-up artist and hair stylist will reach you on your wedding day in your room to prepare you. Professional photographers will illustrate their albums and their point of view, then the quote so that you choose the best. Music for the church, you can choose a chorus or a single singer accompained by harp or violin. For the location you can choose a DJ or live music. Bakery: bakery chefs will make you choose from many varieties and style of the moment with free samples. Confettata: the “Confettata” that’s tipical italian where there is a taste of different types of sweet almond. floral decorations: the church and the location will be decorated according to your needs and with the theme you have chosen. Location and restaurant: free quote dipending on your needs [contact-form][contact-field label=’Nome’ type=’name’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’E-mail’ type=’email’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’Sito web’ type=’url’/][contact-field label=’Commento’ type=’textarea’ required=’1’/][/contact-form]


Portovenere Wedding

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