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Come and do to get married at the Doria Castle in Portovenere.

Lilly and Andrew from London a year ago had contacted us to see if we were able to realize their dream in Portovenere.

Their teachers fell in love with the Doria Castle, fascinated by the history of the English poets Byron found here the romanticism they sought.

But was it easy for them?

Invite all guests from England and make them feel at ease?

How would the marriage management be?

How to adjust with food?

For drinks, how effective would it be to make an American bar?

For live music you could find singers at 360 degrees to meet the demands of guests?

The need to create a beautiful atmosphere in tune with the environment, the ceremony set-up, bouquet flowers for the bridesmaids, lanterns in various parts of the castle and lights in the olive trees?
Do you know that choosing an agency that does not specialize in Portovenere, which works a bit all over Italy, is really risky?

Try to think of an agency based in the north or central Italy if not even abroad,

how can you do the commissioned work well?

Has the agency ever been to Portovenere?

Do you know the various places of Portovenere?

Do you know the locations?

Do they know how far they are and logistics and parking?

Do they really know how much to walk and how many steps are there to get to Castello Doria?

Do they really know that logistically it has impediments and is not for everyone?

Do you know how hard it is to arrive for those who are not young or have any disability problems?

Are they able to make decisions at the last minute how to decide to take a boat tour without spending too much money?

How do they make the wedding day?

Who will do their job?

Will a hostess be delegated as we happen to see with the program sent email in a block?

Why risk?

If you want to know the answers to these questions, we at Portovenere Wedding can give you the solution!

How did Lilly and Andrew from London
And you tell us what you care about most, what do you want to achieve, what are the things you care about most,

what problems do you want to solve?
It is not a question of costs, it is not a question of money, we can cost a penny as a million euros but it is a question of benefits, it is a question of problems that need to be solved,
it's a question of solutions, it's absolutely not a cost problem.
Because we explain this to you, others do not tell you, others start from the price,

but what do they give you with the figures without analyzing them?

We chop and analyze all the wedding just to avoid any unwanted surprises

that are very bad especially in people's memories not to mention the shame of the bride.

Once the marriage of the blame is DONE?

In particular, the guests and you can not give you back the wedding you wanted!

Portovenere Wedding has made many marriages in Portovenere personally, not delegating them to others!
PORTOVENERE WEDDING is the first wedding organization service in Portovenere.
He makes weddings unlike other WP / SUPPLIERS who are not from the area and do everything without specialization. For you future Spose means poor results.
PORTOVENERE WEDDING helps spouses who choose this location,
with difficult accessibility features,
to solve all the problems you may encounter with the best benefits that are time and planning.
The other suppliers do not know the area:
this prejudices the marriage both for the sensational delays and the surprises of the last hour.
Our ability excludes you from unnecessary and tiring tiring inspections that take away stress and time.

Portovenere Wedding the wedding specialists in Portovenere!

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Portovenere Wedding

How can I generate an extraordinary experience for you and your guests in Portovenere?
How can I help you improve your wedding day?
the first wedding organization service in Portovenere.
I make weddings unlike other WP / SUPPLIERS who are not from the area and do everything without specialization, disappointing your expectations.
If you don't have material time and you want your wedding to be exclusive.
If you are looking for the competence and the solution to your problems.
If at this moment you are confused and unable to move forward
If you are taking one step forward and two steps back
talk to me then as a tariff!
I have the protocol I know Portovenere and I use the right tools to help brides like you unlock and transform yourself
Wedding Portovenere the wedding specialists in Portovenere!
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