wedding island palmaria

Palmaria Island: there is a armored location just for you, your luxury wedding

Have you always dreamed of an armored marriage where no one can enter without an invitation? Do you know that you can finally make a wedding with your VIP guests away from prying eyes? A great location available to you and your guests! It’s incredible but really all fenced and nobody can access it! That’s right! You can dance until late at night there is plenty of space, with a view of the sea where you can cut cake with fireworks!

If you like to have a private wedding, please write to:

Portovenere Wedding

We are Giorgio and Laura, real couple in life and at work. We were the first in wedding planner in Portovenere. We started doings weddings in 2000 and we were the first to think of every aspects of wedding and not just the flowers. The harmony of style and colors have to reflects your emotions and originality. We help couples to create the exact image and atmosphere that is truly close to your inside imagination. We want that every wedding will be exclusive and unique. We assist you in every step of your wedding, from floral arrangement to wedding cutting cake. We take care of your guests. We can provide everything you need.
About "Dillo coi fiori wedding" Our experienced and talented florists will combine different variations of flowers arrangements, taking attention of every details.
if you think we are the right wedding planner for your celebration, we hope to hear from you...

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