Marriage flop in Portovenere!

In Portovenere Wedding VIP-Flop!!!
The most beautiful wedding of the year!!!
On paper a huge success I mean.
The Newlyweds were masters to promote their marriage.
They contacted influencers, models and local artists who put their face on it – shared and promoted on their social media the “wedding”, with lots of photos and videos about various moments.
From outside the common people up from envy, be like the “VIP” Impersonarli, stay in their company. Being, at least for once in life, at their height.
Think the wedding day in a moment the huge visibility, credibility and shares triggered by envy!
In reality? A complete disaster!
Nothing was ready. The wedding organization was embarrassing.
A giant fiasco.
Imagine shares on social media and embarrassing comments!
The influencers and the others ran away realizing the “flop” in progress! |
Riding a giant “DIY” car is insane!
To complete the success of an operation it is also necessary to plan the logistics part!
They knew extremely everything but they didn’t plan every moment of the party,
Because ” according to them ” the ” contraption ” had to move on its own!
But it is known that, even though good, operators without coordination go “individually” as they want!
In ” VIP ” Weddings, it’s all orchestrated by the ” Wedding Planner ” figure.
That make you live that dream of party on the sea or in villa, cocktails and fun… even if only for a day!
We in Gulf of poets wedding want to allow you to stimulate and implement your deepest desires.
Why is it right to aspire to be like “VIP”.
And that’s what you really buy, like your Vips, and impersonarli, at least for once in life, it’s everyone’s dream!
You probably don’t have the budget to hire influencers or famous actors.
But you can use our organization to create the best planning and coordination that brings the result of the perfect wedding.
Imagine your proud friends to show photos on social media and happy to be part of the wedding, and you acquired a huge visibility in a moment and triggered rivers of shares, that just like a VIP you will be envied by everyone!
And we are satisfied to have improved your life thanks to our service.
You want proof? Ask our brides!
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About Portovenere Wedding

We are Giorgio and Laura, real couple in life and at work. We were the first in wedding planner in Portovenere. We started doings weddings in 2000 and we were the first to think of every aspects of wedding and not just the flowers. The harmony of style and colors have to reflects your emotions and originality. We help couples to create the exact image and atmosphere that is truly close to your inside imagination. We want that every wedding will be exclusive and unique. We assist you in every step of your wedding, from floral arrangement to wedding cutting cake. We take care of your guests. We can provide everything you need. About "Dillo coi fiori wedding" Our experienced and talented florists will combine different variations of flowers arrangements, taking attention of every details. if you think we are the right wedding planner for your celebration, we hope to hear from you...