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Choosing the “CAPTAIN” of your wedding is the best choice!

Marriage is a bit like a boat, it takes the right captain and the right crew!
Marriage like the boat before leaving must choose the right supplies that are best for them.
You can’t load supplies that are scarce already halfway through the journey, and put in the crew sailors suffering from sea sickness!
The comparison with the wedding suppliers doesn’t make a dent! You don’t have to ” load ” companies that speak all one-way that repeat ” repetitive standards “,
Employees without smiles joy and inability!
You need the best ” crew ” and ” products ”
But to do all this you need the “Captain” the most suitable for your needs but above all that he knows well this paradise called portovenere!
We of portovenere wedding are the ” Captain “, because this sea the “plow ” very well!
The time you have available to those who reach the port like portovenere wedding can do very well!
In the port makes supplies and as a sailed captain knows well from who to make supplies.
Giulia and gennaro the newlyweds on the boat know it very well, still today they fill with pride while watching photos of their arrival in Portovenere!
If you’re wrong and end up in the hands of a cunning pirate
In half the trip the cases are 2:
or you’re going to eat at the sharks or approderete to a deserted island!
The metaphor to make you realize that in the world of weddings there are not only the cat and the fox, but crafty pirates and sea wolves ” hungry!
Choose the captain who is known mollto well in port that has many feed back in Portovenere.
Write us mail to: portovenerewedding@gmail.Com
Or his watt app 335490913 �
Portovenere wedding the wedding specialists in Portovenere!

Portovenere Wedding

How can I generate an extraordinary experience for you and your guests in Portovenere?
How can I help you improve your wedding day?
the first wedding organization service in Portovenere.
I make weddings unlike other WP / SUPPLIERS who are not from the area and do everything without specialization, disappointing your expectations.
If you don't have material time and you want your wedding to be exclusive.
If you are looking for the competence and the solution to your problems.
If at this moment you are confused and unable to move forward
If you are taking one step forward and two steps back
talk to me then as a tariff!
I have the protocol I know Portovenere and I use the right tools to help brides like you unlock and transform yourself
Wedding Portovenere the wedding specialists in Portovenere!
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