The bride in Portovenere

Everything can happen in Portovenere !!!

In Portovenere everything can happen!!!.���
Natasha accompanied by her dad and her bridesmaids found in the crowd her best allaeato! �
Yes you got it right! �
When the bride passes as by magic a charm the world stops.. Everything joins in the fairy tale, people each in his own way want to be part of it, he wants to make his contribution How surprising is the reaction of people in this photo? ���
Everyone gives a smile, a greeting, a wish; it is surprising at an unexpected moment to see people’s reactions. ���
And we want to talk about Natasha’s charge the disruptive energy and her safety!? ���
Natasha a year earlier from Turin turned to us, we planned her big day and still before getting to church you can see the firmness without anguish of the person going to church to marry her daniele the lucky boy waiting for her.. ���
Everything when it goes for the right way if it’s designed and planned goes to the best, the best advice I can give you is not to hope in luck ��, in the magic wand or rely on Aladdin � ���
I know these words can shake you, everyone promise you the fairy tale but unfortunately in the real world it’s not really like that…
If you want Natasha’s safety and charge you need to rely on the wedding specialists. ���
Portovenere wedding helps the newlyweds who choose this location, with difficult features of accessibility,
To solve all the problems they can meet with the best benefits that are time and planning.
The other suppliers do not know the area: this affects marriage both for the sensational delays and surprises of the breaking. � ��
Our ability excludes you from unnecessary and tiring tiring visits that take you away stress and time.
When you come to portovenere it will be for you a pleasure trip because you can touch wedding planning. ����
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About Portovenere Wedding

We are Giorgio and Laura, real couple in life and at work. We were the first in wedding planner in Portovenere. We started doings weddings in 2000 and we were the first to think of every aspects of wedding and not just the flowers. The harmony of style and colors have to reflects your emotions and originality. We help couples to create the exact image and atmosphere that is truly close to your inside imagination. We want that every wedding will be exclusive and unique. We assist you in every step of your wedding, from floral arrangement to wedding cutting cake. We take care of your guests. We can provide everything you need. About "Dillo coi fiori wedding" Our experienced and talented florists will combine different variations of flowers arrangements, taking attention of every details. if you think we are the right wedding planner for your celebration, we hope to hear from you...