Would you like to celebrate your wedding in this beautiful traditional village overlooking the Ligurian sea or at Palmaria Isle but you’re not from this area?
The solution is simple, you need to go to a local professional.
The professional can advise you its best ideas and together with create a unique event, magical and special.
Who is the local professional?
Hi we are giorgio and Laura of Portovenere Wedding, we built in the years references in the most exclusive locations of Portovenere.
Having a handler on the spot allows you to cope with all kinds of unforeseen.
It’s called Portovenere Wedding our agency of wedding specialists in Portovenere.
Write email to receive a 360 degree advice on your wedding experience at

You need a boat that bears the spouses in places more beautifull in the Ligurian Sea area where take wonderful and beautiful photos?

To last hour a transfer for a relative or friend who arrives at the station or airport.

Make up Artist and hairdresser on request may be in your accommodation helping bride and bridesmaids amd family.

We can provide the music for the ceremony in the Church…violin, Arpa or choir to multiple entries.

Music for the reception…Ask and it will be given you…dj, orchestra, karaoke, dances and animation for children with fun.

Final moment of wedding cake.

 Here are some examples of what a professional can do.

Who is the local professional? Giorgio & Laura

Are you considering cost and if you can afford a wedding planner? In this case i would like to emphasize that the help of a wedding planner does nit add costs to your dream but adds Value.In addition to’floral arrangement we do not want additional costs and no commission in more for the service of wedding planner. .
Portovenere Wedding offers flexible services and accesible to all.
People turns to us with confidence and we would be delighted to find the best solution that fits yor budget.
We look forward to seeing you in Portovenere.
See you soon ,
Giorgio & Laura.