Do you want to celebrate your wedding at Castello Doria?

Do you know that there are pitfalls and problems that exist in this beautiful place?Watch the video and if you think that as we liked to Lily and Andrew of London, sure we like you too!


You know you can get married at Castello Doria?

Finally you too can have this benefit of getting married at Castello Doria in Portovenere.You know you can get married at Castello Doria in PortovenerePortovenere is a destination for weddings.Did you know that the Doria Castle is a very popular destination for foreign couples.You know that you can celebrate the civil ceremony here and have dinner under the stars.You know that the ritual consumes the buffet among the olive trees.You can dine in the arena at the top of the Castle and the effect you have under the stars is fantastic.For dances and the open bar the favorite part is the frame among the olive trees.You know that you can enjoy a view with the church of San Pietro, the sea and the island of Palmaria.Often when I'm there at the Castle the thought that I go to the poet Byron that on the other side of the Gulf of Poets that is Lerici, started swimming and you too can have this benefit to see the way he did to get right here in Portovenere and to the Byron Cave in his memory.If you think you belong to the category of romantic and enamored brides … then you can still throw anchor at my port, dock and bring home the most important information to make the most romantic wedding you can expect!The photos of the day of the whole wedding including the civil ceremony, all prepared by us.Choose the specialists in the portovenere wedding.They are called Portovenere Wedding.

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