Just imagine: the bridegroom is at the altar with his mother … the strains of the Wedding March are suddenly heard,lighted candles around create a magical atmosphere; the tourists clap their hands and look at the bride with admiration. She is out of the church about to climb the stairs, she enters the church and the eyes moved of all the guest sare there for her along the path to the altar where she meets her bridegroom.

Giorgio and Laura and if we want to be sure about the organization of the most important event of your life, please accept our advice.
We are the first wedding planner and design florist to develop the revolutionary concept of “wedding planner” at Portovenere.
Since the beginning of our activity in 2001, our aim has been to make every event “unique” providing a 360 – degree service.
Our philosophy is to make every wedding celebration exclusively special, being the perfect reflection of each couple, through the right choice of themes, colors and preferred styles.

We can offer support and will be present on the wedding day to make sure that everything runs smoothly. In the church we will be present regulating the presence of relatives and guests and the flux of tourists.
We take care of the music and of the chorus.

Portovenere Wedding selects and provides the best solutions optimizing the trade secrets learnt during many years of experience.

Portovenere Wedding is the first wedding organization service in Portovenere.

Makes weddings unlike other wedding planner / suppliers who are not from the area and do everything without specialization.

For you future brides means poor results.

Portovenere wedding helps the newlyweds who choose this location, with difficult features of accessibility, to solve all the problems they meet here with the best benefits that are time and planning.

The other suppliers do not know the area: this affects marriage both for the sensational delays and surprises of the breaking.

Our ability excludes you from unnecessary and tiring tiring visits that take you away stress and time.

When you come to portovenere it will be for you relaxing because you can touch the wedding planning with hand. 👉 do they count words or facts? .

Portovenere wedding has all the solutions at hand 💪👐🌞
Portovenere Wedding is the first wedding organization service in Portovenere.