EXPERIENCE in Portovenere

Attention post only for the newlyweds of portovenere!!!
Do you know how strong it is in our life the power of experiences? How important is it to portovenere?
Follow why in this post.
You know that a scientific research conducted by Dr. Thomas Gilovich Professor of psychology at Cornell University with other researchers has highlighted that experiences – even the most fleeting – generate more lasting happiness than material things.
That’s why experiences become an integral part of our identity.
We are not what we own, but we are the set of everything we have seen and done, of the places we have been.
An Apple watch won’t change what you are; take a break from work to beat a long mountain trail, instead, it will.
Experiences are part of us much more than material goods are “, continue gilovich. ” yeah, maybe the stuff you own really like it.
You may also come to believe that one aspect of your identity is closely linked to those things, but they will still be separated from you.
Experiences, instead, are really a piece of what we are.
We become the total sum of what we have lived “.
Try to think about your wedding in portovenere, already just waiting for this ‘ experience arouse emotion and fun, think of the guests what they already feel about the thought of being invited!
Experiences are fun since the early stages of planning, so focus in reasoning, thinking about the guests what they carry and what they keep from the experience you will make them live in portovenere!
This depends on you and your choices.
Experiences are transient (and it is good), they occupy a limited amount of time and that is exactly the factor that allows us to enjoy so much, to attribute them a value that tends to grow over time.
What really matters is the memories of that day that we have left, it is up to you to decide how they will be and what experience to make all guests live and how you want the portovenere wedding to be remembered.
Do not disappoint guests is the goal that together with others you have the task of to also may seem difficult!
I give you good news, you can decide what kind of memories and the best experience you can have.
Portovenere wedding is the first wedding organization service in portovenere.
Makes weddings unlike other wp / suppliers who are not from the area and do everything without specialization and for you future brides means poor results.
Portovenere wedding helps the newlyweds who choose this location, with difficult features of accessibility,
To solve all the problems they can meet with the best benefits that are time and planning.
The other suppliers do not know the area: this affects marriage both for the sensational delays and surprises of the breaking. To live the usual copy and paste we are not indicated, and while everyone talks to you about bows and colors, try to ask yourself why out there they only talk about sales of products of all colors downward while we think about offering you solutions to solve situations that can At the wedding!
We don’t sell objects but solutions to live and make all guests live on the wedding day in the most beautiful of experiences!
With our method “Portovenere” we drive you into the construction of marriage, through a strategy that we have developed in the hundreds of weddings with couples from all over Italy here in portovenere
Couple after couple we learned that safety is more important to everyone, not the color of bows that for more is very easy to choose!
Data and couples give us reason and continue in this more satisfying road than selling “fashionable”.
I am sure for you that you have read so far that you appreciate your choice so much that you thought there was no such solution, pin to this experience, as it will happen to the guests, a value that tends to grow as time When you come to portovenere it will be for you a pleasure trip because you will be able to touch the planning of marriage
Portovenere wedding the wedding specialists in portovenere!
Remember what really matters are the memories we have left!
Portovenere wedding is the solution,
Because the power of ” experiences ” is stronger than the memory of the ” fashionable “.
Email us: portovenerewedding@gmail.com