Wedding in Portovenere

Wedding in Portovenere

Catholic weddings in Portovenere-Ancient Church on the cliff


Only Catholic Portovenere weddings in S.Pietro Church.


In the fishing village of Portovenere World Heritage site UNESCO,is an ideal choice for sea weddings . In a scenic position surrounded by the waters.


Every day of the week no Sunday

How Many

80 seated. Up to 120 people


A lovely Gothic Church dating back to 12th century.


Classic sacre music and gospel

Best Period

From April to September

Portovenere Wedding


The most extraordinary chapel ; perfect choice for Catholic couples loving fishing villages and breathtaking views.

The most photographed corner of Portovenere: an ancient Church standing on a natural promontory, a sheer drop to the sea.
The views from its terrace is unforgettable,
a panorama of a touching and pure beauty.
Different bright colors which blends like in a romantic painting from the XIX Century.
It is located at the very end of Portovenere promontory where an outdoor long flight of stairs accompanies the brides to the entrance of the Church for celebrating romantic Catholic weddings in Portovenere.



If you want to get married in Italy and you like the sea,Portovenere is an ideal choice for sea weddings in italy. Dotted with lovely and colorful towns, quaint villages unchanged for hundreds of years.
Once inhabited only by fishermen with the narrow carrugi and the houses with painted facade.
Among these picturesque settlements an extraordinary and unspoiled nature will conquer you.
Woods, olive groves, terraced vineyards (vigne terrazzate), aromatic herbs will be the fascinating backdrop of your Italian Riviera Wedding.
You could taste our typical products as mussels, anchovies and ligurian pesto

Absolutely for

Romantic weddings with authentic Italian charme. A Relaxing Big Day with everything within walking or boat distance.Luxury hotels, water front traditional restaurants and candle light restaurants in tiny bays.Local cuisine will surprise you; not only all sorts of fresh seafood, but also vegetables and aromatic herbs.


Pisa airport.